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Swim Meet at Emporia

Swim Meet at Emporia

November 30, 2018

The Panthers swam strong at the first meet of the year in Emporia. They finished 2nd place as a team! That is the highest place the Independent boys swim team has ever finished at a meet. 

Aidan Scott, Edward Sturm, George Jekov, Daniel Jekov, Juan Lillig, and Matthew Janssen all qualified for the state! 

200 Medley Relay

A: 1st- D. Jekov, Janssen, G. Jekov, Scott  (State qualifying time) (SCHOOL RECORD)

B: 2nd- Sturm, Kroeker, Lillig, Burmeister

200 Freestyle

George Jekov- 1st -  (State qualifying time)

200 IM

Matthew Janssen- 1st - (State qualifying time)

Juan Lillig- 3rd-  (State qualifying time)

50 Freestyle

Aidan Scott- 1st-  (State qualifying time)

Graham Burmeister- 9th

Jonah Bolin- 11th

Matthew Kroeker- 13th

100 Butterfly

Aidan Scott- 1st  (State qualifying time)

Edward Sturm- 2nd  (State qualifying time)

Daniel Jekov- 3rd

100 Freestyle

Matthew Kroeker- 5th

Josh Jacobsen- 16th

Miles Martin- 18th

200 Freestyle Relay

A: 3rd- Kroeker, Cline, Bolin, Burmeister

B: 13th- Jacobsen, Dasa, Martin, Yao

100 Backstroke

Daniel Jekov- 2nd  (State qualifying time)

Edward Sturm- 3rd  (State qualifying time)

George Jekov- 4th  (State qualifying time)

100 Breaststroke

Matthew Janssen- 1st  (State qualifying time)

Juan Lillig- 3rd  (State qualifying time)

400 Freestyle Relay

A: 1st- Scott, D. Jekov, G. Jekov, Janssen - (State qualifying time)

B: 2nd- Sturm, Lillig, Burmeister, Cline


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