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Imagine, Invest & Inspire 

The Independent School Vision


Capital Campaign News

Campaign Committee 

  • Jill Mitchell, Co-Chair

  • Alice Daood, Co-Chair

  • Andrena Scholl, Development Chair

  • Karen Norton, Interim Head of School 

  • Celia Cayless, Director of Development 

Case for Giving 

Although people have different perceptions and hopes for the plan, depending on the age and activities of their children, the common theme is the strong desire to refurbish our buildings from the rooftops to the footings. The overall vision was presented in the three phases the architects felt would be the best use of funds while being mindful of efficiency, order, and timing of work in conjunction with school being in session. The plan has been created through a group effort and we ask you to Imagine the possibilities, Invest in the process, and Inspire our students to reach high in their endeavors. Through the support of our Independent community, this plan will position us well for our future.

Case for Giving

In the News

Wichita Business Journal 5/1/18

Wichita Business Journal 1/24/18

Wichita Business Journal 9/18/17


  • Chris & Susan Addington

  • Michael & Gwynne Birzer

  • Bonavia Foundation 

  • Mike Garvey & Builders, Inc.

  • Kurt & Mandy Burmeister 

  • Mike & Alice Daood

  • Marti Dougherty 

  • Chris & Susan Douglas 

  • James Garvey Family Charitable Trust 

  • Garvey Kansas Foundation 

  • Hugh & Ingrid Gill

  • Rolf & Tina Gunderson 

  • Paul Jackson 

  • Lattner Family Foundation 

  • Brandon & Lindsey Litzner

  • Chris & Jill Mitchell 

  • Terry & Kris Newman

  • Don & Karen Norton

  • Roger & Terri Ramseyer

  • Chris & Andrena Scholl 

  • Todd Shadid

  • Wendell Smith

  • Richard & Marcia Smola 

  • Jamil & Lesli Toubassi 

  • Dave & Debra VanderGriend

  • Scott & Tammy Wagner

  • Brad & Elizabeth Wickham

  • Steve & Tonya Witherspoon